The Brewer’s Corner

Today we unveil a new section of the Mead Magic site – the Brewer’s Corner, where we talk about different mead recipes that we’re testing in our own kitchen. Our goal with the Brewer’s Corner is to craft variations on a straight mead that you can replicate in your own home with a Mead Magic booster pack and ingredients you can easily get from your grocer’s or a local homebrew store.

Our first recipe is a hopped mead, which uses a Spring Fruit booster pack, and the Fuggles hops. We’ve also got a Bochet (mead with caramelized honey) and a Wild Blackberry Melomel (mead with fruit) in the works, with tentative plans for a Maple Mead and Wild Blackberry Bochet in our future.

Join the exploration of mead flavors with us!