About Mead

This millennia-old drink has its roots in the mists of time. In its simplest form, mead is made from honey, water and yeast, fermented to 12-14% alcohol by volume. Mead has a rich history all over the world, going by different names in different cultures from the Vikings (mjöð) to the Maya (pitarrilla) to the natives of South Africa (iqhilika).

Mead has a taste all its own. The fermentation process moderates the intense honey flavor, and the honey varietal conveys its own rich sensations on the palate. Mead can range from a very sweet dessert wine to a dry table wine, depending simply on how much honey is used.

Mead Magic uses the basic ingredients to make a delicious beverage. Your future brews are limited only by your imagination. Ferment the honey with different fruits, spices, peppers, cider, caramelized honey, malt, hops, oak chips… there’s a whole world of mead to explore, once you get hooked!

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