Let’s Make Mead!

You don’t need to be a magician to turn honey into wine. All you need is the right amount of quality honey, water, yeast,  some yeast vitamins, and time. Mix them together, let the yeast turn some of the honey sugars into alcohol, age it to mellow out the flavor, and voila! Mead!

You can make mead as sweet or as dry as you like, but make no mistake about it — at about 13% alcohol, mead falls very squarely into the “wine” category of drinks. Here at Mead Magic, we created the most complete one-gallon mead making kit available. A Mead Magic kit includes everything you need except the water.

A few highlights

Fall honey we include in some mead making kitsHoney

We use one quart (about 3 pounds) of raw honey made from bees in the Finger Lakes, New York area. Honey provides the flavor of your finished mead, so you want to use quality honey. We produce honey from our own apiaries, and purchase extra only from beekeepers in a 10-mile radius of Ithaca, New York. As a result, you get bold, aromatic honey from a very limited floral source. We give you just enough to make one gallon of a pleasantly sweet mead.

Self-sealing bottles

Our kits include eight self-sealing (and resealable) clear bottles to age your mead in. You don’t need special corking or capping devices, plus the resealable lids let you tap one bottle as a “tester”. Crack it open to take a sip; if it’s ready pour a glass — if it’s not, close it up again, tuck it in the fridge and let it keep aging. You don’t have to be afraid of trying your mead and committing to drinking a full bottle — whether or not you like it!

User-friendly one-gallon size

Introductory brewing kits frequently use five gallon equipment. That makes a lot of mead — 25 wine bottles, or about fifty 12-ounce bottles. A five gallon kit requires serious space while brewing, more space while aging, and a pretty major commitment. Plus you need up to 18 pounds of honey to ferment — at $5/pound and up, that’s a serious investment! We start with one gallon to keep it approachable and easy to use. The one-gallon jug can sit on your counter while fermenting, and you can stash the aging bottles in eight nooks and crannies. It’s not fearsomely heavy to lift and manipulate.

No unnecessary tools

We give you only what you need to brew your beverage. If you decided you don’t like brewing, you can reuse or recycle almost every piece of equipment you’ve purchased. You won’t have oversized jugs or fancy tools to fuss over, and almost nothing to trash!

Yet still reusable!

Our kits may be bare-bones, but you can use them again and again! We offer booster packs with different honey varietals. If you get bit by the brewing bug, and upgrade to five-gallon brews, you can still use the Mead Magic components. Make test batches with the one gallon kits to sample exotic new flavors!

Brew yourself or give as a gift!

Because Mead Magic is all-inclusive, it makes a great gift for

  • friends
  • family
  • gamers
  • role-players
  • Renaissance Faire enthusiasts
  • homesteaders
  • yourself