Mead Magic Kits

We designed this mead-making kit for the beginning brewer as a simple and fun way to create the oldest known alcoholic beverage. Your first mead may not win a competition, but this kit can help you make a wonderful honey wine! Even a raw beginner should be able to use Mead Magic easily.

Unlike most winemaking kits, Mead Magic provides all of the ingredients and tools you need to brew a small quantity of mead, and that includes the honey.


Home brewing isn’t for everyone, and neither is mead.  Five gallons – the most common brewing starter kit size – makes a lot of alcohol (25 wine bottles).  Mead Magic’s one-gallon size lets you see if you like brewing, enjoy drinking mead, and it easily fits on a countertop.


  • New York State raw honey
  • Primary and secondary fermenters
  • Equipment sanitizer
  • Airlock
  • Siphon, siphon hose and bottling wand
  • Yeast and yeast nutrients
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Eight attractive self-sealing bottles (not included in the Basic kit)


  • Hot water (tap, bottled, or spring)
  • Spoons (for mixing and measuring)

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