More ways to bottle

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Deluxe kit, but still need a bit of help with bottling, we’ve made available two new items, which give you an alternative way to bottle your new mead by reusing wine or beer/cider bottles you may already have at home.

Zork CorkCheck out the Zork Corks, which easily tap on a standard wine bottle, use a pull-tab to remove, and act as re-corking tools for your open bottle of mead. These come in packs of five (the number of 750 ml bottles you will fill for a gallon of mead), and are available in black and yello.


BottlecapsFor the brewers who have a capping tool on hand, our custom bottle caps give you a way to keep your mead and your beers easily separated. We have some beer brewers trying their hands at mead making. This may the just the add-on for you! Available in a sassy red, or classy black, and are available in packs of 10, which should be just right for the gallon of mead on your counter.

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