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More ways to bottle

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Deluxe kit, but still need a bit of help with bottling, we’ve made available two new items, which give you an alternative way to bottle your new mead by reusing wine or beer/cider bottles you may already have at home.

Zork CorkCheck out the Zork Corks, which easily tap on a standard wine bottle, use a pull-tab to remove, and act as re-corking tools for your open bottle of mead. These come in packs of five (the number of 750 ml bottles you will fill for a gallon of mead), and are available in black and yello.


BottlecapsFor the brewers who have a capping tool on hand, our custom bottle caps give you a way to keep your mead and your beers easily separated. We have some beer brewers trying their hands at mead making. This may the just the add-on for you! Available in a sassy red, or classy black, and are available in packs of 10, which should be just right for the gallon of mead on your counter.

Buckets and carboys and yeasts — oh my!

Three pallets of supplies arrived yesterday, holding primary fermenters, secondary fermenters, yeast, nutrients, tubing, airlocks, rubber stoppers, Zork corks… so much brewing potential! We were a bit bemused to have a full 18-wheeler arrive with only three pallets to deliver in the vast, empty cargo area, but apparently HoneyApple Hill was next-to-last on the carrier’s run.

We are working with talented folks on the final piece – the labels. We are making final adjustments to the instructions, and they will go to the printer soon. We love it when a plan comes together!

We are also working on an online store system for those who want to purchase Mead Magic kits once we have fulfilled our Backer rewards.  Keep an eye out here for updates and availability!


We were absolutely thrilled to see our Kickstarter campaign fund. Work started immediately on the box design and administrative hurdles we need to leap before we can order the kit components. We still anticipate a delivery date of November for our backers, then we will be able to offer internet sales.  Stay tuned!

A super start

We’re thrilled to have reached 20% of our funding goal already. Thank you to all of you who have backed us directly, or by sharing Mead Magic’s Kickstarter page.

Our campaign will succeed if people know about it, so we are trying to reach homebrewers, beekeepers and anyone with an interest in a unique gift idea (like the Honeymoon Mead Magic kit). If you want to help spread the word, here are some ideas:

  • SCAdians; we started brewing in SCA because mead was a very medieval drink. Let your fellow SCAdians know about Mead Magic — it’s a very easy way to try making an authentic drink you can bring to your event.  With a November delivery date for our kits, your first batch of mead will be ready for Pennsic next summer!  If you know a SCAdian, give a kit as a gift.
  • If you participate in ANY homebrew forum, let people know there.  There are always folks looking to dabble in a small batch of wine.  Mead is very user-friendly, and a great entre into the hobby.
  • If you frequent a homebrew store, here’s a PDF flyer you can print out.  Maybe the store will post it, and support their future industry.
  • Know a beekeeper or frequent a beekeeping community? Many beekeepers take great pains to extract varietals, and new mead brewers could help boost sales.

If you do end up sharing the news somewhere, please let us know in the comments.  If you have other ideas, share those too!  Let’s leverage the power of word of mouth!

We’re live!

We just pushed the button to bring Mead Magic’s Kickstarter campaign to life, and within minutes we had a backer.  We are very excited to see if our idea (and our honey) appeals to enough backers to turn this dream into a reality.

The next time Shelley goes out to the apiary, she’ll be looking at those bees in a slightly different light.  They’re not only making honey for our personal enjoyment, they’re part of a mead revolution!