Blackberry Melomel

We wanted to try our hand at a blackberry melomel (mead made with fruit). We picked a slew of wild blackberries this summer and tossed them into the freezer in about 1-quart parcels. When Shelley thawed them out to make the mead, the freeze/thaw process had taken care of 90% of the juicing. 


Shelley Stuart (Mead Magic)


When you make mead with fruit, pectic enzymes will help prevent “pectin haze” in your final mead. Pectin is found naturally in fruits, and helps a jelly gel. You can make a melomel without using pectic enzyme (or pectinase) if you don’t care about the clarity of your final drink.

If you order a booster pack to make a blackberry melomel, let us know — we’ll throw in some pectic enzyme for you!


  1. Freeze, then thaw 2 pounds of blackberries in a gallon freezer bag. Mash the thawed berries by squeezing the bag (gently) with your hands to extract some more juice.
  2. Start with Stage 1 of your kit’s instructions. To your must, add 2 pounds of frozen blackberries, and 1/2 teaspoon of pectic enzyme (if you’re using this).
  3. Proceed with Stage 2.
  4. When you rack your must at Stage 2A, strain out the blackberries with a piece of cheesecloth or strainer. If you leave the blackberry seeds in with your mead, they might impart a bitter flavor.
  5. Ferment according to the rest of the Mead Magic instructions.


Shelley Stuart (Mead Magic)

Notes from the brewer

April, 2015: When racking to the carboy, we tasted a honey flavor with some berry elements. This mead went dry at the end, with a primary blackberry taste, and was a touch tart upon bottling — it definitely needed time in the bottle. This recipe made seven 10-ounce bottles, and one 16-ounce bottle. 


January 9, 2015: pitched yeast
January 16, 2015: racked to secondary
April 23, 2015: bottled into seven 10-ounce bottles, and one 16-ounce Mead Magic bottle.

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